Business Support Services FAQ's

What is the experience of Bangalore Secretarial Services in Business Support Services ?

With the head Office in Bangalore, Bangalore Secretarial Services started its business operations in January 2013. With the experience gained as knowledge over the years and with a dedicated and committed team of professionals, Bangalore Secretarial Services provides services to various sectors that may be agriculture, accounting, advertising, banking, call centers, consumer products, hotels, legal, pharmaceuticals, publishing, brokerage, real Estate consultants and individual professionals spread across the world.

Bangalore Secretarial Services are virtual assistants who is sitting in the next cabin anything that you may request the personal assistant to do, we will be in a position to cater to any of your needs. Except that the next cabin is in another country and in Bangalore, so we can't handle anything physical. We can't get you your lunch, but we might be able to get someone else to door deliver it to you in your place.

What is Bangalore Secretarial Services Advantage?

Background :

Bangalore Secretarial Services is the first concern in India to launch the concept of a “One stop service for all business needs" Our innovative business idea is concept of the CEO Mr.Murali Reddy who envisioned a one stop shop for all needs in the business. We have the invaluable experience gained as precious knowledge treasured by a few team of highly qualified professionals to cater the needs of all business issues in one roof. We are the one-stop shop for all your business needs: We cater to a wide range of services available, to suit your needs. We can do basic human resource tasks as well as high-end research oriented projects. Our motto is mutually beneficiary long tern relationship with all our clients.

Where does Bangalore Secretarial Services team operate from?

Our Head Office is located in Bangalore, India. But we do cater globally as well as in India.

How do Bangalore Secretarial Services ensures an employee's sustainability / credibility / honesty ?

The team of professionals with us in Bangalore Secretarial Services are through tested with the latest methods of evaluation of honesty/capability and confidentiality. While signing off any projects, all the employees who may be involved in the projects are made to sign confidentiality agreements with Bangalore Secretarial Services. The access to a client's confidential info is limited to only those actually involved in the projects and a high level security system is employed in our offices.

Does Bangalore Secretarial Services attract and retain highly qualified personal ?

We at Bangalore Secretarial Services have the confidence level that only with sincerity, commitment, hard work, positive approach and a dynamic leadership forms the core foundation for our employee / company success. Bangalore Secretarial Services believes in equal opportunities for all and does not discriminate any one on the basis of whatsoever reason possible.

Bangalore Secretarial Services possesses the ability to attract and retain the best in talent because of the unique business model. Bangalore Secretarial Services is the first company in India to launch “One stop service for all business needs” concept. We have a highly selective hiring policy at all levels which ensure consistency in quality of our human resources. Bangalore Secretarial Services has a flat organizational structure and the analysts get direct mentoring from the senior management. At Bangalore Secretarial Services every employee gets the opportunity to interact directly with different caliber of clients and is fully entrusted with responsibility of the clients needs and is liable for the same and Independence and challenge of achievement is the fantasy of any brilliant candidate. The team at Bangalore Secretarial Services enjoy their work because of this independence and in return helps them to deliver the best possible results and on return receive excellent customer satisfaction feedback. So the applause our team get from their client sustain us in our efforts to retain our team.