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How and when should a client hire a head-hunter ? The Myth or belief that headhunting has been used to recruit only senior management or board level positions where high-profile, talented people are in scarcity. They have to be contacted in the most discreet manner and it is a matter of high sensitivity. However head hunting is increasingly applied these days to other areas where the talent pool is limited. Special skilled man power need to be brought in through special means.

Head-hunters are Pro active professionals constantly looking for people rather than passively waiting for people to come to them, It is a high-powered executive search research intensive but our consultants and our experience through years in the industry own extensive network of contacts on which they can draw. Our search may involve hundreds of contacts, some merely a handful. Certainly at the end of any assignment or work, the work intensive process should have trawled all through the specified areas where that specialist skill mix match might be found.

So one can visualize that the head-hunter’s role is work intensive and diverse. Above all it requires an understanding and trust that is bonded with trust with all involved. Head-hunters are highly trained professionals, and we at Bangalore Secretarial Services are here to assist you and work with you in achieving your goal. and Bangalore Secretarial Services can be most valued resource for clients in need.

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head hunting services


The Initial meet with the client is purely devoted in listening and information gathering. We the team at Bangalore Secretarial Services need to know everything we can about your company and the role and proposed profile of the candidate the more Information we know, the better and best we may be able to deliver on results.



Having met you as the client and gaining a full understanding on what and who the client is looking for we set out to identify the gentle man you do seek and try engaging in the initial level talk not disclosing our clients Identity and bringing back the gentle man whose talents match those qualities you are seeking is another task involving Mutual understanding of the perks and packaged mentioned and negotiating with the desired candidate.

The candidates negotiations and meetings with the clients are lengthy and exhaustive , and for the candidate it is a brief moment in his life and has an audience that avidly encourages him to talk about himself. It can be a truly cathartic experience. and to succeed all the clients requirements it has to be met with character, skills, commitment, loyalty experience and aspirations.



All discussions and meetings between the client and candidate can be managed in the most professional manner to avoid pitfalls and in the process of the company interviews the head-hunter ( Bangalore Secretarial Services ) remains available to assist both parties in any way.

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