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Bangalore Placement Services Listens to what matters to you and it may be the candidate or the client seeking the right candidate by listing we learn and by learning we do our best in implementing a solution.

Bangalore Secretarial Services is a recruitment consultancy based in the Bangalore we are a mufti disciplined agency in Virtual Office, Virtual Secretary Services Head Hunting, Business support services, Search Engine optimization and placement Services, and as far as Placement services are concerned we are extremely experienced in different industries ( Hotels, Manufacturing Companies, Mining, Cement Manufacturers, Automobiles, Textiles, Retail out lets Engineering companies, Plantations sector to name a few ) and the IT and non IT field and are dedicated and passionate in placing the perfect candidates with the right employers.Consultancy services in Bangalore - India

We strive to develop a long-term working relationships and offer guidance, support and counselling to our candidates and clients, as we recognize that starting are searching a new job or changing career can be more challenging and stressful, additionally we at Bangalore Secretarial Services aim to offer a unique service to our clients, where we can provide up to date market information and ore-screen all applicants based on your specification.

We aim in making the objective of recruitment or getting a job a simpler process for both the employee and the employer. In Bangalore Secretarial Services we listen carefully to what is important to you and we look at every work order / opportunity with the sole aim / goal of finding the perfect solution and for us it had always been a passion in finding the right candidate for your needs.

Company Profiles & Introduction

We take the opportunity to introduce ourselves as Bangalore Secretary Services Recruitment Solutions , an HR consulting firm offering "End to End" placement solutions and other corporate support Services. We do have in our team experts who are sincere, experienced, talented, devoted and efficient professionals in various fields of management to provide back-up for the needs of our esteemed clients. Bangalore Secretarial Services is one of the few reputed recruitment company based in Bangalore, cater the services in the field of manpower placement for our esteem clients in Globally. and in the process of our operation, we have employed many candidates who may vary from a senior level professionals, Technical Qualified experts, and Highly skilled work man, semi-skilled workman and unskilled workmen.

We at Bangalore Secretarial Services believe that every Client is unique and therefore so should be their recruitment process. our role is to make your recruitment process as simple as possible, as our reputation with a client will only stand if we place the right candidate and we grow only with references from our clients.

Bangalore Secretarial Services is devoted to the core in building quality relationships with all its clients and we pride ourselves in having a reputation for breaking the ground rules on typical recruitment firms some of whom are renowned in delivering a service of excellence and then failing to deliver.

We have a latest updated & comprehensive data bank Up link to almost in all professional bodies and an Upgraded and Unique Comprehensive screening system.

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Executive Search Our Practice

Understand the need of the organization and Identifying the potential candidates using Internal information network Media means / advertisements / Job Portals / Free job Portals and inputs from the client organization.

Short-listing of 4-5 potential profiles of candidates by personal interviews done by us. Provide background information of short-listed to clients. Organizing personal interview for senior positions. We strongly understand/believe dedicate our self in providing quality services that would be an economical and efficient solution for any client / business man in need. We also provide services that would create conducive / Productive work environment for the client / business man.

We are confident our professional expertise would meet your requirement. We also aim at having Mutually beneficiary long-term relationship based on trust and mutual benefit. Our Services do Include certain value-added remote processing services to our client's globally.

We additionally offer a three months guarantee and if candidate leaves within that period than we will provide an alternative replacement, we are now looking forward in rendering the above support services to our esteemed Customers.

It is imperative that when we obtain a work order or a detailed information on your business and the role in which you are looking to fill. We recognize that it is not all about business or money, as Bangalore Secretarial Services we target in working in partnership with our client / business and do ensure a bond that is of a long-term working relationship is knotted.

Our Service Charges/fees are tailored to your business so in the event we take on multiple task/vacancies we can negotiate on our Service Charges/fees and match our terms and conditions. Our role is to make your recruitment process as easy as possible without wasting valuable amounts of senior management time, as we are crystal clear in the popular saying that in business time is money.

We recognize that in Bangalore that there are always many alternative ways to recruit suitable candidates such as Paper advertisements, online searches, and they can be cheaper, however through extensive research this way of recruiting proves to be time consuming and the results are not always fruitful. We can partner with you on joint advertising campaigns or we can be of assistance to the clients in-house Human Resources Department in the per-screening and qualifying process of all the resumes supporting them with all up to dated information they might seek.

Bangalore Secretarial Services Listens to what is important to you and your business; we look at every opportunity with aim of finding the perfect solution!

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