Secretary Services FAQ's

How much does it costs to get a quote for my Virtual Assistance ?

Project quotes from Bangalore Secretarial Services are provided free of cost.

How may Bangalore Secretarial Services fix a quote and what information is needed to provide a quote ?

For us to give you a precise quote kindly do provide as much information as possible about the type of virtual assistance you may need. Examples would be more than help full for our team who are actually going to work on your project.

What forms of payment do you accept ?

Payments are accepted on wire transfer in Bangalore Secretarial Services bank accounts / Pay-pal / Credit card . Tasks that may be smaller may require payment up front payment while larger jobs and corporate clients payment arrangements can be negotiated at the time of service.

How can i send / discuss with your self the task requirements on my Virtual assistant / tasks that I may require ?

You may send us through mail at or request an Skype call / Conferencing / discussion at any convenient time of yours.

What may be the next step on you accepting my Virtual assistant need ?

Our business support team at Bangalore Secretarial Services can be engaged at the hourly rate of $15 USD per hour for all the Virtual support services. we may understood from our discussion that you will intend to engage us in any research activities / Virtual assistance and to find all the information suggested by you and deliver it to you in mail or in any mode requested.

Before we start the project, we take a list of tasks from you to assess the efforts required for the job with our delivery team. Upon our assessment, we will revert to you with the estimates in in terms of hours, pricing… etc. Upon your acceptance and receipt of an upfront payment, we will initiate the project.

We always come up with the approximate estimates on a best effort basis since we would be unsure about the accurate estimates for each task. However, we will work through our Process Manager (PM) and submit you the automated report for an utilization hours taken against a logged in hours for each task which will help you to track the number of hours taken per task.

Project initiation process and payment terms:

  • We would provide you with an Executive/Analyst as your primary point of contact and he/she would be sending you regular updates on the project and time utilization.
  • As a process, we request clients to initiate the project by making the 100% payment upfront and all payments are non-refundable. On receipt of payment confirmation, the delivery team would reach out to you and commence work.
  • Payments are accepted on wire transfer in Bangalore Secretarial Services bank accounts / Pay-pal / Credit card
  • All payments via Pay-pal have a service charge of 5% in addition.

If you have any queries, please feel free to communicate with us.