Secretary Services in Bangalore

At Bangalore Secretarial Services, we remotely assist your self with almost any given task, business or personal, that may not require your actual presence. Our team carry out the given work order over internet, email, fax, telephone, or chat, Skype and we have a dedicated and passionate team to handle your task.

Bangalore Secretarial Services are virtual assistants who is sitting in the next cabin anything that you may request the personal assistant to do, we will be in a position to cater to any of your needs. Except that the next cabin is in another country and in Bangalore, so we can't handle anything physical. We can't get you your lunch, but we might be able to get someone else to door deliver it to you in your place.

Services and Tasks of Bangalore Secretarial Services

When you sign up for a Bangalore Secretarial Services assistant, you get access to the following basic services:

  • Calendar Management
  • Customer Interaction Management
  • Home Assistance
  • Online Research
  • Purchases
  • Virtual Phone Answering on your behalf
  • Travel
  • Data Entry
  • Database Management
  • Follow Up and Remindert
  • Personal Virtual Secretary

Bangalore Secretarial Services daily routine of tasks are varied and some times it can be the craziest of all and these are some of the regular routine tasks our team work on for our clients. Organizing daily home related tasks whatsoever it may be Managing Databases of your concern Organizing travel arrangements (Tickets, Hotels), Setting up appointments and Reminders, Online Research on any given subject, Moderating and Updating Blogs, face books, twitter or social media Marketing, The list goes on and on...

Specialized Tasks

We have two specialist teams:

  • Dedicated Virtual Secretary
  • Need Based Virtual Secretary

What Bangalore Secretarial Services will not handle

  • Obviously. anything illegal. Won't be done.
  • Anything unethical.
  • Anything that is illegal as per "normal" business practice in India.