Head Hunters in India

Head Hunters in India is the process of searching senior-level executives for the post of Vice President, CFO, Operations head, CEO, etc.

What is a senior-level executive search or Head Hunters in India?

Head Hunters in India is a term widely used to executive search or Top management search. Firms specialising in executive search use various platforms other than the regular portals to search the top management professionals for their clients. The headhunting starts once the executive recruitment firm gets a detailed Job description of the Top management professional.

Mostly the top management professional is in Invisible mode. His curriculum vitae will not be available on standard recruitment portals. An executive search firm starts once the work order is signed. The search process begins once the work order is approved.

Leading senior executive search firms go through a different process every day to hunt down the top talents. Here we are revealing and exposing the ten crucial steps for a successful Executive Search Process.

  1. The initial client meeting.

The initial client meeting is the most crucial step for any Head Hunters in India who has expertise in headhunting solutions. Note down every point in the first client meeting, which includes

  • The hiring companies strategy.
  • The hiring companies work culture and work nature.
  • The hierarchy of the company.
  • Note down the future goals and plans of the company.
  • Find out who is the reporting authority on the board for the hired executive.
  • Discuss CTC in detail and the negotiations and get a clear picture of the candidate they expected to hire.
  • An in-depth analysis of the client company.

A comprehensive study on the company is essential for any executive to move forward before the job description posted in various job portals and forums. Usually posting in regular Job portals will not fetch results anticipated. So you should prefer referrals with excellent networking skills to enable good results.

A high paid senior executive will ask enough and more questions regarding the company. The headhunting executive should well prepare with the answers of the client he is sourcing.

Job descriptions and posting strategy for Head Hunters in India

Deeply analyse the nature of the job and the verticals to post in selected portals that may yield results.

Networking is an essential skill that breaks the Ice in headhunting tactics that may bring the results as desired with more time in connecting the relevant profiles.

Spend more time on searching the relevant person, which is essential to connect the right person as mostly high ranking executives will not appreciate a job-seeking call.

Questions never to be asked on headhunting a high ranking senior-level executive.

  • Are you looking for a job?
  • Are you seeking a change over in your job?

Relevant questions to ask a senior-level executive.

  • Can I have a few minutes of your time?
  • I have a good proposal for you to pursue, and I desire a time to discuss the same.
  • I need a time that is convenient for me to discuss a few good options. I do have a convenient time and date that may suit you to review the same.
  • A more experienced recruiter only should be allowed to handle a call with the top management professional seeking a change in her or his career.
  • Reaching out to the senior executive is quite a challenge with emails and short messaging assisting for reminders calls.
  • Do always draft a professional reminder email and a follow-up email in progressive that will result in the executive to call back.
  • Target a set of 20 professionals to get at least five to respond positively for a quick talk about moving forward with the client’s expectations.
  • Senior executive search has been quite a task with the connectivity social media extending and the mushrooming job portals intrusions.

Working with the right senior executive search firm can yield a significant ROI. It can save you time and resources while maximizing your chances of finding the right person for the role. A good recruiter will be able to place his trump card if he has experience in sourcing headhunting top senior professionals.

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